Staff Reports

Item A-1:  Shandon-San Juan Water District, Protest Results and Impartial Analysis

Protest Hearing LAFCO File 3-R-16 Formation of the Shandon-San Juan Water Dist

Item A-1:  CALAFCO Achievement Award Most Effective Commission - no report

Item A-2:  San Luis Obispo LAFCO Appreciation Awards - no report

Item B-1:  Public Member Selection

Item C-1:  County Assessor's Fee Increase and Fee Review

Item C-2:  Status Report:  SOI Update & MSR Program Direction

Item C-3:  Final Legislative Report from CALAFCO

Item A-1:  First Quarter Budget Status Report FY 2016-17

Item B-1:  OUA - City of Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara Mosquito & Vector Control District

Item B-2:  City of SLO Sphere of Influence Update/Municipal Services Review

Item B-3:  Formation of Shandon-San Juan Water District

Attachments A through H

Supplemental Information Packet from 10/14 - Supplemental Info Packet from 10/19

Consolidated pdf File of Staff Reports 18,000+ MB

Item A-1:  Mosquito Abatement Agreements

Item A-2:  Estrella-El Pomar-Creston Water Dist, Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition

Item B-1:  Status Report:  Shandon-San Juan Water District Formation

Item B-2:  Status Report:  City of San Luis Obispo SOI Update/MSR Update

Item B-3:  Mutual Water Company Directory Update

Item C-1:  San Luis Obispo LAFCO Audit Options

Item C-2:  CALAFCO 2016 Annual Conference

There will not be an August LAFCO Meeting.  September 15 is the next meeting date.

Item A-1     Fiscal Year-end Budget Report

Item B-1:     Outside User Agreement:  County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency

     and Mosquito Abatement Districts in Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties

Item B-2:    Dissolution of the Creston Hills Ranch Community Services District 

Item C-1:     Study Session:  Shandon-San Juan Water District Proposal

​​Item A-1     California Water District Study Session:  Shandon/San Juan Water Dist

     Notice of Intent to Circulate a Petition

Item A-2     Status Report:  SLO Sphere of Influence/Municipal Services Review

Item A-3     Legislative Update

Item A-4     LAFCO Website Update (no staff report for this item)

Item B-1     San Luis Obispo LAFCO Revised Budget for FY 2016-2017

There was no meeting in May 2016

Item A-1     Third Quarter Budget Report

Item A-2     Contract Amendment:  Executive Officer

Item B-1     Outside User Agreement:  Fiero Lane

Item B-2     Proposed Budget for FY 2016-2017

Item C-1     Legislative Update

Item A-1     Directory of Local Agencies

Item A-2     Status Update of Work Plan

Item A-3     Status Report:  Cuyama District Formation

Item A-4     CALAFCO Legislative Update

Item A-1    Pismo Preserve Outside User Agreement

Item B-1    Legislative Update

Item A-1     Second Quarter Budget Report FY 2015-2016

Item B-1     Pismo Preserve Fee Waiver Request SOI Amendment & OUA

Item C-1     Annual Report for 2015 & Work Plan for 2016

Item C-2     Policy & Procedures Review

Item C-3     CALAFCO Quarterly Report & Legislative Update




 Staff Reports

There will not be a Commission meeting in December

Item A-1:  Status Report - Cemetery District - Sphere of Influence Update/MSR

Item A-2:  Status Report - Cayucos Fire Protection District - Status Update

Item A-3:  Status Report - CALAFCO 2017 Annual Conference Report

Item A-4:  Study Session - Proposed San Luis Ranch Annexation to the City of SLO

                  Attachment A:  www.slolafco.com/current-projects-notices.html

              Attachment B:   www.slolafco.com/current-projects-notices.html

Item A-1:  Fiscal Year 2017-18 First Quarter Budget Status Report

Item B-1:  Adjusting Processing Fee for Proposed Detachments from CA Water Districts

Item B-2:  Procedure for Appointing Special District Rep on RDA Oversight Board

Item C-1:  Nipomo Community Services District SOI Update/MSR Status Update

Item C-2:  Cayucos Fire Protection District - Status Update

               Comments from SLO County Dated October 11, 2017

Item C-3:  CALAFCO 2017 Annual Conference Update & Legislative Report

Item C-4:  Proposed San Luis Ranch Annexation to City of SLO - Status Report

There will not be a September Commission Meeting

Item A-1:  Year-end Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget Report

Item A-2:  Amendment to Legal Counsel Contract to Increase Annual Retainer

Item B-1:  Continued fro June 2017, City of Morro Bay SOI/MSR Update

Item B-2:  Continued from June 2017 San Luis Obispo CSAs' SOI/MSR Update

Item C-1:  Conflicts of Interest-Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities

Item C-2:  CALAFCO Activities and Legislative Update

There will not be a July 2017 LAFCO hearing.  The next hearing will be August 17

Item A-1:  Protest Hearing Results re:  Formation of the EPC Water District

Item B-1:  LAFCO Audit for Fiscal Year 2015-16

         Agreed Upon Procedure

          Financial Statements

          Significant Audit Findings

          Credit Card Policies

Item B-2:  City of Morro Bay SOI Update/MSR

Item B-3:  Sphere of Influence/Municipal Services Review for County Service Areas

Item B-4:  Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18

Item A-1:  Third Quarter Budget Report, FY 2016/17

Item A-2:  Contract Amendment - SLO LAFCO Executive Officer

Item B-1:  LAFCO File 4-R-16, Estrella-El Pomar-Creston Water District

Item B-2:  SLO LAFCO Proposed Budget FY 2017/18

Item C-1:  City of Morro Bay Sphere of Influence Update & MSR

Item C-2:  CALAFCO Activities & Legislative Updates

Item A-1: Two-year Time Extension Request for Fiero Lane OUA

Item A-2: Audit Letter of Engagement with Brown & Armstrong Accounting Firm

Item B-1: Formation of the Estrella-El Pomar-Creston Water District

​                Supplemental Information

              Additional Supplemental Information

Item C-1:  Closed Session - Personnel Evaluation - Executive Officer

Item A-1:  Study Session:  Estrella-El Pomar-Creston Water District

Item A-2:  CALAFCO Quarterly Report & Legislative Update

Item A-3:  Joint Powers Authorities' Requirements to Submit Agreements/Amendments

Item A-4:  Consolidation of Redevelopment Agency Oversight Board

Item A-5:  County Service Area SOI Update/MSR

Item A-1:  Second Quarter Budget Report FY 2016-17

AMENDED AGENDA January 13, 2017 Item A-2 was added to the Consent Agenda:

Item A-2:  SDRMA Underwriter Approval for Ancillary Benefits for SLOLAFCO

Item B-1:  Study Session - Estrella-San Juan-Creston Water District

Item B-2:  LAFCO Annual Report for 2016 & Work Plan for 2017

Item B-3:  Status Report - City of Morro Bay Sphere of Influence/Municipal Service Rev

Item C-1:  Selecting Accounting Firm for LAFCO Annual Audit-STAFF REPORT ONLY

Item C-2:  Amending the Fee Schedule for Opt-in Water Districts




 Staff Reports

 There was no meeting in December 2014

 Item A-1     First Quarter FY 2014-2015 Budget Report ​

 Item B-1     Dissolution of County Service Area 17

 Item B-2     SOI Update/MSR for various SLO County Special Districts

 Item C-1     Study Session-Draft PRBWD Formation Guide

 There was no meeting in October 2014 

 Item A-1     Annexation #24 to the TCSD-Creekside

 Item B-1     Report-Groundwater Lege Update; AB2453, SB1168, AB1739, SB1319

 Item B-2     Status Report-SOI Update/MSR for various SLO County Special Districts

 Item A-1     Year-end Budget Report for FY 2013-2014 

 Item B-1     Annexation #31 to the City of Arroyo Grande-The Heights at Vista Del Mar

 Item B-2     SOI/MSR  Update for Coastal Special Districts, continued from June 2014

 Item C-1     CALAFCO Quarterly Report

 There was no meeting in July 2014

 Item A-1     SOI Update/MSR Coastal Special Districts

 Item B-1     Status Report:  Current Proposals & Activities

 Item B-2     Status Report:  Legislative Update

 Item A-1     SOI/MSR Coastal Special Districts

 Item B-1     Water Status Report-Formation Process for Water District, AB 2453 Update

 Item A-1    Third Quarter Budget Status Report

 Item B-1     Coastal Community CSDs SOI Update/MSR

 Item B-2     Water Study Session:  Governance Structures

 Item B-3     CALAFCO Legislative Report-Consider LAFCO Position on Proposed Leg

 Item C-1     Proposed LAFCO Budget for FY 2014-2015

 Item A-1     Ground Squirrel Hollow CSD-Solid Waste Power continued from 02/20/14

 Item B-1     Consideration of a Water Status Report

 Item B-2     Consideration of the 2014 LAFCO Directory of Local Agencies

 Item A-1     LAFCO Policy & Procedures Review 

 Item A-2     Ground Squirrel Hollow CSD-Activation of Solid Waste Power

 Item A-3     Legislative Update

 Item A-4     State & Local Water Status Report

 Item A-1     Second Quarter 2013-2014 Budget Status Report

 Item A-2     Legislative Update

 Item B-1     Annexation #89 to the City of Paso Robles - Ernst

 Item B-2     LAFCO Annual Report for 2013 & Work Plan for 2014

 Item B-3     LAFCO Policy & Procedures Review

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 Staff Reports


 Staff Reports

There was no meeting in December 2015

Item A-1     PRBWD-Impartial Analysis for March 2016 Election

Item B-1     Cayucos Fire District Dissolution Status Report

Item B-2     Supplemental Information for Creston Hills Ranch CSD SOI/MSR

Item A-1     Year-end Budget for FY 2014-2015

Item A-2     First Quarter Budget Report for FY 2015-2016

Item B-1     SOI/MSR for Road Maintenance CSDs

Item C-1    Status Report:  Current & Upcoming Proposals 

Item A-1     Formation of the PRBWD-Financial & Formation Matters 

Item A-1     Formation of the PRBWD-Boundaries, Powers, Options

There was no meeting in July 2015

Item A-1     Study-PRBWD Erik Eckdahl, SWRCB; Gerhardt Hubner, Fox Cyn

Item A-2     Legislative Update:  Water-related Legislation & CALAFCO Update

Item A-1     Approved LAFCO Resolution & Budget for FY 2015-2016

Item B-1     Study Session: PRBWD-History & Current Status of Basin

Item B-2     SOI Update/MSR for Road Maintenance/Solid Waste CSDs

Item B-3     Legislative Update:  Water-related Legislation

Item A-1     LAFCO 3rd Quarter Budget Report for FY 2014-2015

Item A-2     Contract Amendment SLO LAFCO Executive Officer

Item B-1     Annexation #78 to the City of SLO/Farmhouse Lane

Item B-2     Legislative Update:  CALAFCO Letters of Support/Opposition

Item B-3     LAFCO Proposed Budget for FY 2015-2016

ItemA1     Amend Conflict of Interest Code Pursuant to State Law

Item B-1     LAFCO Policies & Procedures Update

Item C-1     Draft Glossary to the Draft Formation Guide

Item C-2     Status Report:  Upcoming Proposals & SOI Updates

Item C-3     CALAFCO Quarterly Report & Legislative Update

Item D-1     Closed Session:  Public Employee Personnel Evaluation

Item D-2     Closed Session: Los Robles Del Mar Litigation

Protest Hearing

Item A-1     CSA 17 Results from the Feb. 4, 2015 Protest Hearing

Item B-1     LAFCO Policy & Procedure Review

Item C-1     Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SMGA)

Item C-2     Cayucos Special Districts SOI/MSR Clarifications

Item C-3     CALAFCO Annual Conference-Discussion of Possible Topics

Item A-1     Second Quarter Budget Report FY 2014-2015

Item B-1     Cayucos Special Districts SOI/MSR

Item C-1     LAFCO Annual Report & Work Plan

Item C-2     Draft Glossary for the Paso Robles Basin Water District Guide

Item C-3     CALAFCO Quarterly Report & Legislative Update