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LAFCO Budget Process

LAFCO is required by State Law to approve a budget every fiscal year. San Luis Obispo LAFCO considers the proposed budget at its April meeting with the final budget considered at the May or June meeting.  The budget is funded by the Special Districts, Cities, and County, each paying 1/3 of the approved budget.  A small portion of the budget comes from the processing of applications. Below are the Adopted Budgets, Final Budget Reports and Annual Reports for the last 4/5 years:

​                          Fiscal Year 17/18                          

                          Fiscal Year 16/17                          Year End 16/17                    Annual Report 2017

​                          Fiscal Year 15/16                          Year End 15/16                    Annual Report 2016

​                          Fiscal Year 14/15                          Year End 14/15                    Annual Report 2015

​                          Fiscal Year 13/14                          Year End 13/14                    Annual Report 2014