Local Agency Formation Commission

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 Regular LAFCO hearings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the County Government Center on the corner of Santa Rosa and Monterey Streets in the City of San Luis Obispo, 

(Due to COVID, meetings are now conducted on ZOOM pursuant to Governor Executive order N-29-20)

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Agenda for LAFCO November 19, 2020, Meeting

Powerpoint for November 19, 2020, Meeting

Viewing Instructions:

​​​LAFCO November 19, 2020, Meeting can be viewed at


Webinar ID:            963 9674 9178

Password:              695450

Call in number:      +1 669 900 6833 US

​​Please provide written comments via email, mail, or verbal comments by calling (805) 781-5795; state and spell your name, mention the agenda item number you are calling about, and leave your comment one hour before the meeting.  You may submit comments via email at Imarquez@slolafco.com. Submitted comments will be read at the meeting; limited to 3 minutes per item, posted on the website, and sent to the Commissioners. 

Meeting Agenda

  • Call to Order/Roll Call 
  • Approval of the Minutes                                     October 15, 2020,     &    October 23, 2020
  • Non-Agenda Public Comment Period



A-1:    CalPERS approval for Health Benefits Program for SLOLAFCO (Recommend Approval)



B-1:    Activation of Solid Waste Power for the San Simeon Community Services District LAFCO File No. 1-E-20

           (Recommend Conditional Approval)

B-2:    Annexation #81 to the City of San Luis Obispo (Fiero East-West Areas) LAFCO File No. 1-R-20

           (Recommend Conditional Approval)


             Exhibit A: NOD -Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declarations

             Exhibit B: San Luis Obispo City Plan for Services

             Exhibit C: San Luis Obispo City Water Status Report

             Exhibit D: LAFCO Legislative Factors-Government Code Section 56668 (a-q)

             Exhibit E: Comment Letters

             Exhibit F: Draft Resolution Approving the Annexation

B-3:    Annexation #11 to County Service Area No. 18 Country Club (Jack Ranch - Tract 2429) LAFCO File No. 2-R-20

           (Recommend Conditional Approval)

             Exhibit A: Final Environmental Impact Report
Exhibit B: Plan for Services Documentation 
Exhibit C: SLO Planning Commission Notice of Final Action 
Exhibit D: LAFCO Legislative Factors-Government Code Section 56668 (a-q)
Exhibit E: LAFCO Draft Resolution of Approval

B-4:    Agreement for Temporary Employment between the San Luis Obispo Local Agency Formation Commission and David Church               for Interim Executive Officer services (Recommend Review and Approval)



C-1:    Receive for Information Purposes proposal LAFCO File No. 4-R-20 - For the Torres Annexation to Nipomo Community Services             District (Recommend Receive and File)

  • Commissioner Comments
  • Legal Counsel Comments
  • Executive Officer Comments 
  • Adjournment​