Special Projects Materials

Estrella-El Pomar-Creston Water District

Study Session January 19, 2017

Petitions #1

Petitions #2

February 16, 2017 Study Session Staff Report

DRAFT Engineer's Report for the EPC Water District - Benefit Assessment Evaluation California Proposition 218

Plan for Services

Comment Letters regarding the District Formation through March 2017

April 6, 2017 Staff Report

Attachments A through I

Supplemental Info #1

Supplemental Info #2

Study Area Maps

Proposed District Boundary

Recommended Boundary Map for EPC

Final Approved District Boundary Map

Shandon-San Juan Water District

Formation of the Shandon-San Juan Water District Staff Report October 20, 2016

Attachments A through  H

Supplemental Information October 14, 2016

Supplemental Information Packet from October 19, 2016

Status Report September 15, 2016

Study Session June 16, 2016

Study Session July 21, 2016

Application and Maps

Petitions #1

Petitions #2

Petitions #3

Study Area Maps

Proposed District Boundary

Surrounding Irrigated AG Map

Final Approved District Boundary Map

Additional Information - Resource Materials







Documents that might be helpful include:

Know Your Options:  A Guide to Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, by California Water Foundation

The 2014 Sustainable Management Groundwater Act:  A Handbook to Understanding and Implementing the Law by the Water Education Foundation

GSA Frequently Asked Questions, by Department of Water Resources

Hearing Matters

Protest Matters

None at this time.

None at this time.


21-Day Public Notices